I’ve been shooting with Alessandra since we were both 16 and I’m pretty sure she’s been my very first model ever. When I bought my first camera, I was like 15 or 16, I used to take pictures of myself (thank God I don’t do it anymore XD) – she was one of my closest friends and one day I asked her if I could take some pictures with her. From that moment on we’ve been shooting together countless times, throughout the years we’ve developed the same taste and style, we tuned in the same frequency and we reached that point in which you can be sure that the results will never be disappointing… She has always been very spontaneous and self-concious in front of the camera, her talent in posing is unique and she owns that wonderful skill of being able to show the very best of herself, which makes always the difference in a picture and which I, of course, adore. She’s so amazing!!

I need no further words to explain these pictures, but I nevertheless hope you’ll enjoy them 🙂

Best for now,