Wedding photography is one of my favourite genres, especially because it’s the most natural (after, likely, street photography and reportage). Throughout the years I’ve had the opportunity to photograph some friend’s weddings; I remember how sceptical I was in the beginning and eventually ended up loving every single moment of the day, rejoicing with them in such a wonderful event.

What I really love about wedding photography, is that the situation is never the same, despite it being a ritual. Yet everyone has their way to live a moment that may look repetitive to an outer eye; when you’re lucky enough to dip into other people lives for one very special day and document it, it is never the same… and this is what creates the magic.

This folio collects a selection of the photographs I took for my friends and also represents my best wish for them: every time you loose your path, have a look at how happy you were able to be, it won’t be tough then to recall that happiness lays just at your fingertips.