model: Anna Melison

styling: Grabriella Feltre (if you ever visit my hometown in Italy, Vicenza, she’s the owner of an ammmazing shop in the city centre – Henriette – you may pop by and say hello :))

jewel designer: Cristina Bedin

art director: Frampesca ( http://frampesca.blogspot.it/)

make-up artist: Cristina Perrino

assistants: Alex Vujcic, Martina Zocca

behind the scenes pictures: Veronica De Toni (have a look at the pics here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ve-PhotoArt/507316865982393)


Random thoughts (and excuses for having been m.i.a. for a while!):

I’m so glad I can finally share the results of this photoshoot! It’s been quite a while I didn’t update this stuff and I actually have tried to write something down in the past few weeks, but they were all excuses to the fact that I was m.i.a., therefore I thought it was nicer to wait a little bit more until I was done with the pictures and post them directly.

So why have I been m.i.a.? Well, so many things have happened and I’m not going to bother you with an A-Z list of them, but let jut sum it up briefly and say that I passed through a quite annoying and intense personal turmoil, so that I needed some time to pull myself together. I didn’t stop taking pictures, rather it was one of the things that made me feel better, but I shot only personal works, let’s say very personal (maybe also too personal… but don’t get me wrong with that haha :)), and I didn’t feel so much like publishing them here or anywhere else. They helped me so much overcoming that moment that they are sort of holy right now… So I need to keep them secret 🙂

Anyway, during this unpleasant time I learnt that sometimes we suffer not because of our feelings, but because we are not able to read them properly. We just let them run over us and react impulsively. Well, even though everyone says you don’t have to do that, sometimes it’s just impossible. I experienced it personally and I’m pretty sure you all know of what I’m talking about. On the one side there’s your heart (or your stomach) saying “don’t you see that if you keep doing this you will suffer in vain?” and on the other side there’s that hateful voice in your head whispering “come on, just do that, don’t stop!”. But who’s right, you know? The heart, of course, as it is the only one that can tell us the truth about what we really want. The point is that sometimes it simply happens that you’re so tired or maybe too focused on what comes out of your head, that you listen to the wrong voice… And why is that? Why do we listen only to the voice whispering in our heads? I believe we do that because it’s easier. The heart speaks the language of feelings and sensations, which may be very tough to learn and to understand, while the head speaks our language, so we think that it’s giving us the right tip. But it’s a totally wrong voice, because it’s filtered by fallacies and things we think are true because someone else told us they are. But nothing is more true than what you feel.

So how do you learn the language of feelings? Well, it’s not so easy, but I do think that it’s a worth-doing effort. In fact, those which we call rational thoughts most times lead us off the right track.

To learn the language of your heart and – as a consequence – to be able to do always the right choice (which doesn’t mean that there is impartially one choice that is right and one that is wrong) you must learn to create. You must learn to create something special every day, which may sound like a romantic dream, but it’s not. It can really happen. And by “create” I mean to let what lays within your soul to come out, even if in the very first moments you don’t understand what it is. Don’t be afraid, just let your passions, your creativity, your sensations come to light and give the 100% of your energy to them. Eventually, you’ll see that there is no bigger gift you can do to yourself.

Best for now,