This picture is part of a personal project. I’ve always been fascinated by artists of all kinds and therefore I’m starting to take pictures of those who I personally know and also of people not related to the fashion world, namely writers, actors, musicians, …. This is not going to be easy, as it’s extremely difficult to capture the right moment and the expression which convey all the intensity of their soul, but I do believe the results will be impressive.



born 1993, pianist and concert performer
made her debut at the Carnegie Hall, New York City (2012)

When I saw her for the first time playing at “La Fenice”, in Venice, I thought “wow, there’s beauty EVERYWHERE.” Indeed, she has the wonderful ability to convey strong and positive vibes through the piano… and through her unique style! – have a look at this excerpt from her performance at the “Premio Venezia”, held at the “Teatro La Fenice”:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEGU_bRBj3A

Unfortunately, we had not much time to take this picture as we both travel a lot and it was not easy to meet up. Moreover, when we met she had just finished to play and the place where the concert was held was about to close. Nevertheless, she was so nice (she asked me to make her laugh… something I’m not that keen on! haha ^_^) and I definitely enjoyed the time we spent together!