Photography: Luciano Doria

Styling: Agnese Rollo

Models: Francesca Goracci, Giulia Milano, Virginia Pozzato
Clothes: Boutique Henriette
Hair and make-up: Fabrizio Sassaro
Assistant and video-maker: Anna Maule & Nicola Carraro
Location: Villa Zileri – Motterle (Monteviale, VI – Italy)
Most times wonderful things happen when you don’t ask for them. It is a little bit like happiness, you don’t choose (well, perhaps you might, but are you really sure that it is you that make that choice?) when it has to happen, it just comes and then goes back to where it came from. This is the magic of life.
Anyhow, it all happened a month ago. A friend of mine was invited to a fashion show that took place in October in a town nearby, but unfortunately she didn’t manage to join in and she asked me if I would have enjoyed going on her behalf. It sounded really exciting so I accepted her proposition. It was my first fashion show and I was looking forward to attending it, but at the same time I felt like a fish out of water, if you see what I mean ^^
The show began around 21.15 and it was not that kind of fashion show you would imagine – there was an art historian which explained before every model stepped in all the details that concerned the pieces of the collection (it was a jewels fashion show), then the music started and models walked around the room showing necklaces, rings, armbands, ecc… After the show there was a sort of buffet during which I had the opportunity to meet the designers of the collection and the models. I told them that I was a photographer and they looked really interested, since they needed to shoot the SS 2012 Campaign and therefore they asked for my portfolio. In one month’s time they called me back and told me that they decided to shoot with me. I couldn’t believe it, I gave a ring to Martina, my best friend, and she was as eager as I was.
It really was a tough challenge, however, to organize everything. I had to call the models, find the location and the clothing all by myself and considering that I am also studying at the university it hast not been easy at all. But thanks to the wonderful group of people I collaborated with and which helped me organizing the photoshooting I managed to cope with every single aspect and here we are with the final result. I really hope you like it 😉